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The Whitecourt & District Public Library continues to support our valued patrons during this time. As we develop more resources and updates to library services, we post them to our Facebook page, but we recognize that some of our patrons may only have access to the library website. Below you will find copies of our social media posts and we will update these approximately once per week. Please note this list has the newest posts on top and the oldest on the bottom.

There are many things to stay on top of these days, thankfully a looming tax deadline isn’t one of them! Did you know you now have more time to file your 2019 tax return, and that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is rolling out many supports to Canadians? For more information visit:


Tomorrow is another Monday! Time to go to work… or to stay home and work? With more people now working from home or catching up on paperwork from their desks paying attention to ergonomics is more important than ever. Visit this handy guide to quickly evaluate if your workstation is working with you or against you:


With more people staying indoors and students of all ages now studying from home the question emerges: “What do I want to read?” Librarians call this important job “readers advisory” and there are entire courses that teach us how to answer the question “can you recommend a good book?”

Check out these Yellowhead Regional Library resources aimed at parents, teachers, and anyone who now finds themselves connecting people to reading material.


COVID is all we hear about these days, it has sure turned into a long haul! So, how can we stay mentally fit throughout these times? Check out this Canadian Society for Safety Engineering (CSSE) webinar on “Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness:”


The weekends can be a great time to slow down and recharge. Sometimes when we slow down though, things can come up for us or for others. Check out the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s COVID-19 webpage:


Did you know that the National Film Board of Canada has some truly exceptional (and FREE) Canadian content available online? No need to sign up for any accounts, simply head to their website and browse:


For our Francophone friends:


Many organizations are doing their part to share information about COVID-19 response best practices. Check out this post from TELUS about staying healthy while you practice social distancing:


Stuck inside and wondering about history? Need resources to inspire a social lesson with your children? Check out all the detailed indigenous resources compiled by our friends at The Alberta Library:


As our lives continue to be impacted by COVID-19 and the world’s response to it, how do we talk to our children about all this?
Check out the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) resource page for some guidance:


You may have been hearing a lot about the economy, specifically how the oil prices are impacting Alberta. Check out this webinar from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) about “How to Cope with the Impacts of COVID-19 on your business.” Keep in mind it was done on March 23rd with the current information at the time.


Did you know that Alberta has 6 Albertan’s representing us in the Senate of Canada? Many of these extraordinary individuals are providing more information about the resources rolling out in response to COVID-19. Among them, Senator Doug Black:

Learning from home today? Take some time to check out more information about Senators, including the ones from Alberta, available at:

A brief summary of what the Senate does, and who Senators are:

The Senate is the Upper House in Canada’s bicameral parliamentary democracy. It unites a diverse group of accomplished Canadians in service of their country. Parliament’s 105 senators shape Canada’s future. Senators scrutinize legislation, suggest improvements and fix mistakes.

When the Senate speaks, the House of Commons listens — a bill must pass the Senate before it can become law. Senators also propose their own bills and generate debate about issues of national importance in the collegial environment of the Senate Chamber, where ideas are debated on their merit.

Created to counterbalance representation by population in the House of Commons, the Senate has evolved from defending regional interests to giving voice to underrepresented groups like Indigenous peoples, visible minorities and women. Canada’s 105 senators are men and women of accomplishment and experience. They are business people and scientists, judges and teachers, athletes, community leaders and senior civil servants who use their lifetimes of expertise to ensure Parliament acts in the best interests of Canadians.

Senators come from diverse ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds; they use the wisdom gleaned from their own experiences to give minorities a strong voice in Parliament. Free to speak their minds and act on their consciences, senators play an essential role in Canada’s parliamentary democracy.


Did you know that many sources of information that used to be paid are now providing COVID-19 coverage free of charge? For example, National Geographic has a free dedicated webpage with full articles available. No need to sign up for anything, just head to:

There are so many positive stories emerging of people supporting each other in wonderful ways. Unfortunately, scammers have used this time as an opportunity to put in overtime. Check out the free “OUCH” newsletter to stay informed and stay safe:

A bit more about “OUCH”

OUCH! is the world's leading, free security awareness newsletter designed for everyone. Published every month in multiple languages, each edition is carefully researched and developed by the SANS Security Awareness team, instructors and community members.


Looking to get crafty today? Check out some of these nifty 5-minute crafts:

Did you make something cool? Post a photo here or e-mail it to and we will set aside something cool for you to pick up when we re-open!

Friendly reminder to craft safely, get adult help if you need it.


In order to provide more content to patrons while we are sheltering at home, hoopla Digital has curated the hoopla Bonus Borrows Collection. Borrowers will be debited ZERO Borrows when they borrow any of the included titles! Head over to and log in. Once you log in, click on the “hoopla bonus borrows” banner.

First time logging in? Use your library card number and default password (last four digits of the phone number we have on file) to create a free account. No library card? No problem! Get your free library card at:

Available in the Bonus Borrows Collection:

Over 1,100 titles – More will be coming!

451 Audio Book titles 478 eBooks 49 Comics 42 Movies 46 Television titles 36 Music titles


So, we are 10 days into spring! Even with everything going on, that feeling is in the air and the heart turns to hope. It's the perfect time to nurture these feelings with tales of hope:


Happy Sunday everyone! Staying in?

Our e-resource limits have been raised. Electronic materials (books, music, movies) can be accessed through the TRAC database ( and many more electronic resources are available through our website:

Also, did you know you can sign up for or renew your library card online? Visit:

New to our e-resources? Detailed guides available to help you connect with everything we have to offer, visit:


Saturday morning cartoons can be the best thing after a long week, but this weekend, how about something a little more hands-on?

Check out these YouTube craft channels:

Did you make something cool? Post a photo here or e-mail it to and we will set aside something cool for you to pick up when we re-open!

Have a great weekend,

Your Whitecourt & District Public Library


For our American Sign Language fans we are excited to share a special story time:


Over the last couple of weeks, the library has received an increased volume of calls not just about library materials, but about COVID as well. Here are the links we most often direct people to:

-Town of Whitecourt:

-Government of Alberta:

-Government of Canada: 

-Infection Prevention and Control Canada:

-CBC News:

-CTV News:

-World Health Organization:

-Live Global Case Map:


It warms the heart to see people in Whitecourt and beyond supporting each other through this time. As libraries (including ours) pivot to provide more online services we are excited to highlight Mayor Maryann Chichak's online story hours. For more of Maryann's videos see her profile. For videos of library programs and stories browse the videos posted to this page. For more information on what your local library can offer you during these times see our posts below.

Have a safe day,

Your Whitecourt & District Public Library


Thank you for following the library’s Facebook page! So much has happened in the last 10 days. So you don’t need to scroll through all our previous posts, here is a quick summary:

-We are closed to the public by government order due to COVID 19 and will re-open when the order is lifted. All programs are cancelled. You can still call or e-mail us, we will get back to you, but may not be available during all of our usual extended hours.

We are working hard to continue providing you with library services:

-You can now sign up for or renew your library card online (

-Our e-resource limits have been raised. Electronic materials (books, music, movies) can be accessed through the TRAC database ( and many more electronic resources are available through our website:

-Electronic resources are new for many people. Thankfully there are detailed guides available to help you connect with everything we have to offer, visit:

-Our Wi-Fi reach extends outside the building and the log in has been removed so anyone can easily connect without needing a library account.

-Many patrons have phoned us asking for more information about the COVID situation. There are many news sources, but the two we find most helpful are the provincial COVID page ( and the town’s economic recovery page:

-You can still deposit books and donations into our 24/7 book drop, but materials will stay on your account for some time due to library material safety procedures.

-All late fees resulting from our closure will be waived and our automated reminder system has been turned off till we re-open.


Have school-age children at home? Did you know there are many resources and updates available about their education while being away from school? Visit:

Also, your library has you covered! Our Solaro resource ( provides study help for Mathematics, English Language Arts and Science for grades 3 to 12. It follows the Alberta curriculum and contains thousands of practice questions and core concept sessions to help students of all ages.

No library card? No problem! You can now sign up for and renew your library card online at:


Did you know that over the last several days there have been many updates about the measures the Government of Alberta is taking on COVID 19? Visit


As we continue working hard to expand our online services (see our previous posts below for more details) we would like to share some new resources about preventing the spread and staying connected to positive vibes!


Text: Albertans can text COVID19Hope to 393939. In response, they will receive daily text messages on how to focus on healthy thinking or actions to help them manage their mood.

Tweet: All Albertans need to work together to overcome COVID-19. Albertans are asked to share acts of kindness they have experienced in their community during this difficult time by using the hashtag #AlbertaCares

Stay informed:


Happy weekend everyone,

Your Whitecourt & District Public Library would like to put something positive in your feed today! Even with everything going on our local Global Pet Foods store took the time to reach back out to us this week in response to a letter we previously dropped off about sponsorship. Our library is now home to two pets! Chomper, our gecko and Francisco, our chameleon. Feeding these critters and keeping them comfortable comes at a cost and Global Pet Foods is stepping up in a huge way by agreeing to provide food and supplies for both our library pets! When we came to pick up our first batch of free crickets this week, we found the store sparkling clean and the shelves fully stocked. For all your pet food needs during this crisis and beyond, please shop local and visit Global Pet Foods! Thank you again for your generous sponsorship.


The Town of Whitecourt has a great web page going with a list of links to information for individuals and businesses. As this situation develops we continue to suggest accessing information from reputable sources:…/EconomicSupportandRecovery

In the coming days, we will make renewing and signing up for a library card available online.

E-resource limits have been increased to help library patrons access more electronic materials.

Wi-Fi sign-in restrictions have been removed. Anyone can now access library wireless internet for free without the need to log in using a library account. If you need internet access park in front of the library or in our parking lot and connect for as long as you need!

We will continue posting updates as we work on making more services available remotely.

Stay well and stay safe,

Your Whitecourt & District Public Library


As of this afternoon, Alberta is in a state of emergency. The new measures implemented today included all libraries closing to the public until further notice. Like many other public facilities, the library has been closed to the public since yesterday. Now that there is a mandate for us to be closed, we will re-open once the Government of Alberta lifts the emergency measures applicable to libraries. Our staff remain at work at this time.

During these trying times, we have received calls from the public looking for more information about COVID-19. We encourage the public to apply their critical thinking skills to the information flooding in from all sides. Many of the things circulating online are rumours. We encourage the public to go to the source and put their trust in official news sources including: Alberta's COVID page ( The World Health Organization COVID page (…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019) CBC News ( CTV News (

Stay healthy and stay safe,

Your Whitecourt & District Public Library


The Whitecourt and District Public Library is closed to the public until further notice.

All late fees resulting from the closure will be waived. Please ignore messages from the automated reminder system.

The 24/7 book drop will remain open but expect significant delays for materials coming off your library account.

For routine library matters please consult our website, try our main line at 780-778-2900 or email us at

If you urgently need to reach management or the board, please email

Still want to access library resources? Go online:

Library E-Resources:

Instructions on how to use them:

Catalog (filter to e-materials):

What about my learning?! The library has you covered:

Our “Solaro” e-resource offers learning materials based on the Alberta Curriculum for all grade levels and high school classes.

Visit: and use your library card number and password to sign in.

What do I do if I don’t have a library card?

Use the public access below, but please note this account is usually used as a demo account. It is shared by many members of the public. Your searches may be visible to others, depending on the accessed resource, and anything you save to an online e-resource profile may be altered or deleted by a subsequent user.

Username/library card number: 29335002376058

Password: 2900

As of March 16, we do not have an idea of when we will re-open. We are monitoring the situation closely and will post updates as information becomes available.