Library Services


  • Visit us to borrow books, movies, music, games, audiobooks, or one of our many in-library-use kits. The library also maintains special collections including Large Print, Graphic Novels, Other Languages, and Brail. 
  • For your convenience, our items can be returned using the 24/7/365 book drop to the left of the main doors, or at any public library in Alberta.
  • Our e-resources provide you with 24/7 access to e-books, audiobooks, and special databases right from your device. 

Reference & Technology Services

  • Not sure how to find, access, or use library materials? Struggling to access free e-books and more on your new e-reader or smartphone? Come in, call, or e-mail the library and our friendly staff will provide you with one on one support.
  • Library staff can provide technical support when using the library’s public computers, the library printer, or your own device. We periodically offer technology classes and one on one technology coaches for a variety of topics. Past programs have included coding and robotics for children, advanced smartphone functions for adults, and technology programs geared towards senior users.
  • We have a microfilm viewer for those who require this technology.
  • Printing or Photocopying is available for $0.20 per page in black and white and $1.00 per page in colour. Non-profit and bulk discount requests can be emailed to 
  • Scanning to e-mail and flash drives is available free of charge.
  • Laminating is available for $1.00 per item in “ID Card,” “Letter,” and “Legal” sizes.
  • Projector rentals are available with a refundable $100.00 cash deposit. The full deposit is returned when the projector is returned without damage or missing parts. 

Library Programs

  • Almost all library programs are free of charge, if there are any fees, they are clearly indicated on the program poster. We offer programs for all ages. The best way to learn about our programming is to scroll back in time through our Facebook page! Smash that “follow” button to get announcements on your Facebook feed for upcoming programs, monthly program schedules, and general updates about the library. If a program you want is not currently available message us and ask to be added to our “interested in” list so we can contact you when one is scheduled. If enough people are interested in a particular program we work extra hard to make it happen ahead of schedule.

Other Services 

  • Exam proctoring is offered at a flat rate of $10.00 per exam. The rate includes printing costs of the exam and related forms. If your institution wants the exam to be mailed the actual mailing cost will be passed on to the student, in addition to the $10.00 fee. Payment is accepted by cash or card at time of writing. There is no charge for rescheduling an exam. Please inquire with your instructor/institution about their exam writing procedures. Most institutions require you to enter proctor information and your exam date and time on their form. Please e-mail your requested date and time along with any paperwork the proctor needs to complete to Keep in mind that your exam should start and END during our business hours. If you are experiencing financial hardship the library can waive its proctor fee. When you email include a short two-three sentence explanation of why you need the fee to be waived. 
  • The Program Room (maximum capacity of 30) is available for bookings. Please call or email for availability. We do not charge non-profit groups or private gatherings but do apply a sliding scale when profits are made from using the space. To inquire about the sliding scale costs email The library asks all users to clean the room after use, if required, and reserves discretion to refuse a booking. 
  • Over the years local artists have generously loaned their work to the library for public display. We even encourage them to post prices and contact information, if they wish, but will not handle transactions. For more details about displaying your art at the library email Please note many families use the library, therefore, the library may refuse to display certain artwork at its discretion.
  • We gladly sell tickets and other items for non-profit groups including Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, The Legion, Pumpjack Players and others. Please email to arrange sales of these items.
  • Used library items are permanently available for sale at the library. To help support our community during these tough times book sale items are FREE till further notice. Items from our sales section are particularly popular for “high-risk” activities like teaching your puppy to read, reading in the pool, or enjoying a read by the light of a fire pit.