Before completing your registration form, please review the Summer Reading Program (SRP) 2020 “Questions and Answers” below. If you need assistance completing the registration form call the library at 780-778-2900 and staff can complete the form with you over the phone. Once you submit your form you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours.

Q: Is the program free?
A: Yes! The theme this year is “Game On!” and we are even including kits with almost all the required materials as part of your registration. Kit pickup will take place on June 29-30 and July 2-3, be sure to select your preferred pickup date below.

Q: When are the programs and what am I signing up for?
A: By signing up for an age group you will get six individual programs, one per week for six weeks. Please commit to attending at least three out of six programs. Dates, times, and details of each week’s program are provided on the bottom of this web page and will be included in your confirmation e-mail. All programs except the Family Walking Program will take place online.

Q: What ages are you making programs for?
A: Programs are divided into age categories and they are: 3-5, 6-8, Tweens (9-12) and Teens, Adults, French (all school ages), and a Family Walking Program. Teens ages 13-17 can choose to register for either the Tweens and Teens program OR the Adult program, but not both.

Q: Phase two of Alberta’s reopening plan is on the news, will some of your summer programming be offered in person?
A: While the library may reopen to the public during the summer the SRP cannot be delivered safely in person and will remain online. The only exception to this is the Family Walking Program. This program will be delivered in Rotary Park with social distancing in effect.

Programs will be delivered over live webcast using Zoom. Recordings will be posted to our Facebook page for anyone to view after the program is over. Using Zoom is free! Instructions on using Zoom will be included in your confirmation email.

Q: Can I sign up for more than one program?
A: You may register for the Family Walking Program, the French program, and one other program. For example, a family of two parents and two children could register the adults for the adult program, each child in one of the children’s programs, each child in the French program, and the family of four in the walking program. We do not have the resources to provide kits for multiple registrations outside of these limits. If we are oversubscribed we may contact you to further limit your registration to just one program. If you are interested in the other programs, they will be posted to our Facebook page after they take place (https://www.facebook.com/whitecourtlibrary/) and you are welcome to view them.

Q: What if I don’t have internet access?
A: Complete the registration form and at the very end in the “comments” section enter “no internet access.” You will still get a kit and we will still provide you with programming. We will determine the details of this based on how many people request offline programming. We may do a teleconference program or provide a video disc with pre-recorded programs in your kit. We may develop a universal offline kit, instead of providing you with the age-specific kit used for our online programs. You will be notified of the details by telephone during the first week of July.

Q: Can anyone register for your programs?

A: You MUST be a member of the Whitecourt & District Public Library, OR the Blue Ridge Library, OR the Fort Assiniboine Library to register. Library memberships are FREE to anyone residing in Whitecourt or Woodlands County. If you are not a member at any of these libraries, you can sign up for your free Whitecourt & District Public Library membership right on the Summer Reading Program registration form! 

If you are not a resident of Whitecourt or Woodlands County, please contact your local library to ask about their summer programming. If you are not a resident of Whitecourt or Woodlands County but come to Whitecourt and want to sign up for our summer program please send an e-mail to jkubelka@whitecourtlibrary.ab.ca and we may allow you to sign up during the late registration period, if we have enough materials for you to be included.