Renewing Items

  1. Renewals are not guaranteed.
  2. Most Library items can be renewed up to 2 times beyond the original due date, except for the following:
      1. eBook Readers, iPods and Power Meters which cannot be renewed;
      2. DVDs that have an original circulation period of 21 days and cannot be renewed;
      3. Some interlibrary loans where the loaning library has specified a different due date;
      4. A hold or interlibrary loan request by another library customer on the item you have borrowed which blocks any renewal;
      5. Outstanding fines or fees on your account blocking any renewals until paid in full;
      6. Expired memberships or memberships that will expire during a renewal period.
  3. Renewals can be initiated:
      1.  Online through the library’s public access catalogue;
      2. Online through the library’s website;
      3. By emailing the Library;
      4. By calling the Library during business hours or;
      5. In person at the Library.
  4.  Renewals are not automatic.  It is up to the customer to initiate the renewal process.
  5.  Renewals must be initiated on or before the due date to avoid any overdue fines.
  6.  The renewal period is usually the equivalent of the borrowing period, unless notified otherwise.
  7.  The new renewal due date is usually the equivalent of the borrowing period starting from the date the renewal was initiated.  The renewal due date will be specified to the customer, depending on how the customer renewed their outstanding items.