Borrowing From the Library

The following items are available to be borrowed from the Whitecourt & District Public Library:

Loan Period
Overdue Fine
Books  21 days (3 weeks)  $ 0.10 / book / day
DVDs 7 days (1 week) $ 1.00 / DVD / day
Music CDs 21 days (3 weeks)
$ 0.25 / CD / day
Books on CD 21 days (3 weeks)
$ 0.25 / Book-on-CD / day
Magazines 7 days (1 week) $ 0.10 / magazine / day
Video Games 7 days (1 week) $ 1.00 / video game / day
Kits 21 days (3 weeks)
$ 0.10 / kit / day
Playaways 21 days (3 weeks)
$ 0.25 / Playaway / day
Power Meter 21 days (3 weeks)
$ 1.00 / day
eBook Readers 21 days (3 weeks)
 $ 1.00 / reader / day
Reference Non Circulating N/A 
Interlibrary Loans Varies. Check your date due slip. Depends on the item type and loaning library.

  1. To borrow any Library materials, a valid library card or library card barcode on a cell phone or tablet App. must be presented.
  2. All outstanding fines or fees must be paid in full prior to checking out any Library items.
  3. Library accounts must be in good standing to be eligible to borrow Library items.
  4. Library staff and the Library Board of Trustees assume no responsibility for materials checked out by minors deemed inappropriate by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. Upon checking out library materials, customers will receive a receipt / date due slip detailing the items they checked out in that transaction as well as the due date for each item in that transaction.  That receipt is your first and primary notification of when the library materials you borrowed are due to be returned.
  6. It is the responsibility of the library customer to return all outstanding items borrowed on their account, in the same condition they received it, on or before the due date.  Failure to do so will result in overdue fines accruing.
  7. The Library may limit or control the use of any item or collection within the library in order to protect items deemed susceptible to theft or damage by users, or to ensure the widest possible use of materials by Library customers.
  8. Any items borrowed from the library and returned in a condition not the same as it was lent will incur damage costs as outlined below.

                 Damaged Item                                                                              Cost

DVD Case (single disk or double)

$ 3.00

Blu Ray Case (single disk or double)

$ 3.00

DVD Case (more than 2 disks)

$ 6.00

Blu Ray Case (more than 2 disks)

$ 6.00

DVD, Blu Ray, or Audiobook  paper insert (internal or external)

$ 1.00

Music CD Case

$ 4.50

Small Audiobook Case (8 disks or less)

$ 9.50

Large Audiobook Case (9 disks or more)

$ 11.50

RFID Tag (any) or Barcode

$ 1.00

Book Jacket

$ 2.00

MP3 Audiobook Case

$ 3.00