Acceptable Use

  1. The Whitecourt & District Public Library is a place where people gather to create, explore, and learn. In order to achieve safe and welcoming shared spaces we expect everyone to treat library customers, staff, and property with respect.
  2. Everyone has the right to equal treatment with respect to the access and use of the Library’s services and facilities without discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic origin, creed and all other grounds set out in the Alberta Human Rights Act.
  3. Visitors to the library are welcome to film and record your library visit. Please respect the privacy of customers and staff, asking permission before including them in your photos, videos and audio recordings
  4. Service animals and animals in authorized programs are welcome in the library
  5.  Eating is permitted in program and meeting rooms or in designated areas where available
  6. Conduct that is disruptive, unsafe, prevents the enjoyment of the library by others, or interferes with library operations is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Violent, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, disruptive, intrusive or harassing language or behavior of any kind;
      2. Damage, misuse, or theft of library materials, equipment and property;
      3. Interfering with the designated use of computers and networks;
      4. Soliciting, canvassing, unauthorized selling;
      5. The use of strong scents and odors;
      6. Unreasonable noise.
  7. When conduct is inappropriate, staff may limit access to services or request individuals to leave library property. Illegal activity, including damage to library material and property, may result in cost recovery charges and/or prosecution.
  8. Library staff may request to inspect bags and carrying cases.
  9.  The Library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  10.  Children requiring supervision must not be left unattended on library premises.
  11. Members of the public may only use authorized entrances and exits and are not allowed in "Staff Only" areas without permission.
  12. Library materials may not be taken into washrooms.
  13. Posting notices, distributing circulars or petitions, soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity on library property must not be conducted without prior written approval of the Library Director or designee.
  14. Members of the public must wear shirts and shoes and other appropriate attire.   Offensive attire will not be allowed.
  15. Library staff will apply policies in a fair and respectful manner.
  16. All customers observing proper conduct in the library are allowed to freely make use of the library. Details regarding public use are described in the policies listed above. Those whose conduct is disruptive to library operations and other customers' use of the library may have the privilege of using the library limited or denied to the extent necessary to deal with the problem.
  17. Customers indulging in improper conduct may be asked to cease that conduct, to move to another location or activity, or to leave the library.
  18. Severe or recurring violations of Library Rules as outlined in the Use of Facilities policy may result in the individual(s) involved being barred from any use of the library based on the Alberta Trespass to Premises Act or prosecution. 
  19. An individual has the right to appeal his or her exclusion from the Library to the Town of Whitecourt Library Board.  All appeals must be in writing.